Spring 2016 – Regeneration:

We are working closely with Chartered Architects ‘Nicoll Russell Studios’ (NRS) of Broughty Ferry, Dundee. Specifically Partner Mr. Doug Binnie, Architect Philip Levack, Conservation Architect Mr. Bob Heath and their supporting team.

The Leuchars St Athernase Regeneration Project Team is chaired by SBoyd, Treasurer is SDuncan and the Regeneration Project Team Leader is Mrs Carol Petrie.

NRS have made significant progress including various meetings with General Trustees of Church of Scotland, Historic Scotland, Fife Council, CARTA and HLF. In addition, contact has been made with The Royal Commision on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland.

The Regeneration Project Team and NRS present a detailed summary of progress at meetings of the Congregational Board. There was a presentation by NRS during the thrid week of March 2015. At this meeting NRS will presented three fully costed options for the Congregational Board to consider and approve.

EQ Chartered Accountants have been appointed to develop a robust Business Plan for our Regeneration Project. Our Congregational Board recognises the importance of this appointment and given the scale and importance of our project, we are delighted to be supported by knowledgable and experienced professionals.

Consultation and Communication – The Regeneration Project’s Consulation and Communication Programmes commenced in August 2014 and during the course of 2015 there will be ample opportunities for interested parties to review the various options and plans.

Regular reports of progress will be given at our Sunday Services and Board Meetings, and we constantly update the Regeneration Section in this website providing accurate and up-to-date information.

Througout the Regeneration Project, we welcome mid-week visitors wishing to view the interior of our church, by appointment.