If you would like to arrange your wedding, please contact the minister. It is advisable to book as early as possible, but if you are reading this at short notice, then contact her anyway, as there may be a slot.

The service of marriage would normally take place in the church. If you live in our parish or have parish connections, the minister would consider conducting the service in a hotel or other location such as St Andrews University Chapel.

In both cases, fees are requested which are for Church funds. The minister does not expect any reimbursement. If your wedding is held in the church, there will also be fees for the Church Officer and (optionally) the organist.

Baptism and Blessing of Babies and Children

If you would like to talk about baptism or a service of blessing for your child, please contact the minister.

In both cases, this would take place during worship on Sunday morning, either at the 9.30 am service in Burnside Hall, Balmullo or the 11.00 am service in Leuchars St Athernase (your choice).

The main difference between the two is that in baptism, parent(s) (or someone standing in for them) is asked to profess their own faith and promise to bring up the child in the Christian faith. No promises are made in a service of blessing, but both celebrate God’s gift of children.

Family and friends are welcome to attend the service.

No charge is made but often a donation is given to the Church.

Mission Statement

Leuchars St Athernase Church of Scotland

  • to promote the good news of God’s love for all
  • to develop the Christian faith of each individual
  • to be a focal point for good in the community
  • to promote fellowship in the community
  • to be responsive to the changing needs of the parish
  • to share God’s work with others engaged in Christian work and witness within the community… …and so realise our unity in Christ
  • to actively support the wider work of the Church in areas of Social Responsibility and Overseas Aid