Knitting Group

On Tuesdays from 2.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. in the Coach House we meet to knit for children being helped at Rachel’s Place in South Africa and Amy’s crèche in Lesotho.

Their needs are ever increasing as they take in more homeless children and we would love more folks to come along and get needles clicking – wool supplied if you need it.

Baby Pack Knitters

Our Baby Pack knitters meet in the Coach-house Centre on Main Street, Leuchars every Tuesday afternoon from 2 – 4pm. The centre is run by Leuchars: St Athernase Church of Scotland.

As well as knitting or crocheting we enjoy a blether and a cuppa, accompanied by some lovely home baking. We started out knitting for the Baby Pack Project in South Africa: this guaranteed every new mother a little gift of basic baby clothes in which to dress the new born to take the baby home from hospital.

Rachel’s Place and Amy’s Crèche

Over the last few years our focus has shifted from new born baby clothes and blankets (every knitter loves to do baby bits and bobs) to clothes for older children. Rachel’s Place is in South Africa and is run by Val Bailey and her husband Davey; the name remembers a young friend of theirs who was to go out and help but was sadly killed in a car accident just before she was due to leave home. They also have Amy’s Crèche in Lesotho which they built recently and I mean “built”, everything from actually making the bricks to painting the walls, to making drains – even a solar panel to work the washing machine!

Can you help us?

Val reports sometimes of a whole family being “handed in” – this can be for a whole variety of reasons, such as the death of the parents but in one case the father had been jailed for molesting the daughter and the mother just could not cope so ran away and left the four children to fend for themselves. So now we knit and sew clothes for any size, shape or form!
To send all our creations to South Africa is expensive and that is why you see us out at various craft fairs selling knitted goods and other craftwork to raise the postage. Can you help us do some of this work?

We sorely miss one of our members, Mrs Joan McNeill, who has recently left the district. Although we wish her well in her new home, we do need someone to help us with all those lovely crafty animals etc she was so good at making. You don’t even need to come along on Tuesday if you do not want to, just make the goods and we will collect them!!

All welcome, just come along to The Coach House.