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Leuchars: St Athernase Church of Scotland Parish Newsletter
March, April & May 2017

From the manse

Dear Friends,

After Christmas, the most important date in the Christian year is Easter. Easter has been overshadowed by the commercialism of Christmas apart from Easter eggs! However, this, perhaps, allows us all to focus on its Christian importance rather than its commercial importance!

Easter is when we celebrate the Risen Christ. Yes, we remember the death of our Lord upon the Cross on Good Friday, but after the death of Jesus comes life and the gift of eternal life – the Easter Day. The promise of eternal life came through the death and rising to life of Jesus. Our Lord Jesus Christ did not do this for himself and think to himself I’m alright I have eternal life, but it is tough on you lot left behind. He rose from the grave of death and promised us the gift of everlasting life. Therefore, death no longer is the final sting for us. It is the beginning of a new life with Jesus Christ. The Easter message is life – eternal life.

Let us all enjoy our Easter eggs, but let us look beyond the momentary enjoyment of an Easter egg to the everlasting joy brought by Jesus Christ as the risen Lord.

The General Assembly of the Church of Scotland meets in May and we give thanks for the ministry of the Moderator, the Right Rev Dr Russell Barr, who concludes his year of office at the beginning of the General Assembly. I would ask you to remember in your prayers the Moderator- designate, the Rev Dr Derek Browning, who will be visiting the Presbytery of St Andrews in September, 2017. Dr Browning is familiar with our part of Fife as he was the Minister at Cupar: Old Parish Church, and is now the Minister at Morningside Parish Church, Edinburgh.

Have a Happy Easter!

Rev John C Duncan MBE

North Fife Kirks Cluster News
Pulpit Exchange

The next pulpit exchange is on Sunday 7th May 2017. John, the minister, is at Tayport Parish Church and taking the service at Leuchars is the Rev Susan Thorburn, Ordained Local Minister at Creich, Flisk & Kilmany Parish Church.

Interim Moderator

I have been appointed the Interim Moderator by the Presbytery of St Andrews for Cupar: St John’s & Dairsie United Parish Church. Please remember in your prayers the Kirk Session and Congregation of Cupar: St John’s & Dairsie during this period of vacancy. I will be taking the service at Cupar: St John’s & Dairsie on Sunday 2nd April 2017. Padre Danny Connolly CF, Chaplain to the Scottish & Northern Irish Yeomanry, will take the service at Leuchars. In view of my appointment as Interim Moderator at Cupar: St John’s & Dairsie United Parish Church, I am no longer the Interim Moderator at Creich, Flisk & Kilmany Parish Church.
Rev John C Duncan MBE

North East Fife Tenants and Residents Federation

I was recently invited to attend a meeting of the North East Fife Tenants and Residents Federation at the Cosy Cabin, 25 Blalowan Park, Cupar. I found that the Federation are a very worthwhile and positive link between tenants and residents and Fife Council officers, local councillors and MP/MSPs where they can air their views and/or get problems rectified through their coordinator, Linda Johnston at the Federation. Give them a call, they are “working” to make things happen for you.
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mobile phone: 07484075316

Yellow Boxes

Collected since last Kirk Notes £146. Thank you to all who collect in this way.
Betty Gay

The Choirs of St Athernase

The Junior Choir continues to meet every Saturday from 2- 4pm in the coachhouse and to provide children’s singing voices as part of worship at St Athernase. All are welcome to come and enjoy the fun and games of our practices on a Saturday, it is not essential to be available for the Sunday service, just come and enjoy singing as and when you can. The Choir is from age 8 upwards.

The Senior Choir meets every Wednesday from 7-9pm in the coachhouse to practise the hymns for worship. The Choir also works on anthems for services and is presently engaged in practising with members of St James’s Episcopal Church Choir Cupar for a service of memorial music to be performed on Sunday 12 March at 6.30pm in St Athernase. This service will celebrate the life of Juliet O’Connor who died on 3 March 2016. Juliet was a most well-loved member of St James’s Church Cupar as well as attending and being part of our own church life both at Balmullo, where she and her husband Dan lived, and at St Athernase. Juliet was well known in the Guild and several members of the Choir also knew her in our house and bible study group which she hosted. On this occasion, the Choir are exceptionally lucky to have been gifted an arrangement of Sir Hugh Robertson’s “All in the April Evening” by Mr George Taylor who met and greatly admired Juliet. George has also provided special arrangements of the congregational hymns to be sung during the service and he will also sing with the Choir.

Several friends of Choir members have also joined us to sing and celebrate the life of Juliet. Gethyn Burgess will read some of Juliet’s writings as well as lines of her poetry which will be framed by music written by George Taylor and played at the piano by Scott Mitchell. We are all most grateful to George and Scott for their contribution to this service and entirely honoured to have been asked by Dan to celebrate with a service of memorial music, the life of a very, very special lady.

Angus Anderson

Leuchars St Athernase Guild

We resumed our meetings in January, reverting back to evenings and this has proved to suit most members

Unfortunately, our first speaker had to cancel through illness but luckily we were able to get in touch with Mairi Sheils who gave the most interesting and one of the most informative presentations we have had over the years, on the Tay Rail Bridge disaster.

Then we had Alison Irving who had slides a plenty to give us a wonderful insight into one of her many trips to Namibia.

Our most recent speaker was the Rev Amanda Quick who recounted her journey into the Ministry. She was brought up in community housing in East London with her mother, after her father had left them. From there, she had an appetite to work hard, did well at school and went on to be a primary teacher but after two years decided it was not for her. She then became a librarian before taking her faith that bit further and is now a Baptist minister in Leven.

Our next meeting is Rev Jane Barron with her husband Ian. We had Jane as a locum while we were in vacancy and look forward to meeting with her again.

We have two more meetings in March both with a gardening theme to inspire us into the garden!

All our meetings are open to all - male and female - don’t be shy we are not all fuddy duddys.

Betty Gay

Food...for thought?

My daughter reminded me of this tray bake I used to make when they were at home. I made it for one of our Guild meetings and it was enjoyed by the members.

1 cup crushed cornflakes
1 cup porridge oats
1 cup coconut
1 cup SR Flour
1⁄2 cup sugar
5 oz margarine

Melt the margarine in a pan, add dry ingredients and stir well. Press into baking tray approx. 9x9in and bake until golden brown. Leave to cool and cover with melted chocolate or icing, cut into squares and enjoy!

Betty Gay

Regeneration Project Updates

In December, tenders were invited from contractors interested in delivering our phase 1 restoration works to make the church wind and watertight. I am pleased to say that 5 contractors supplied costings for the works and we are now working closely with our architect and quantity surveyor before choosing our preferred contractor. We are hoping that the building work will start in late spring.

Despite the dreadful weather on Sat. 28th January, we were delighted to welcome so many people to our Open Day in the Coach House and church. Over 80 people came along and it was great to see so many visitors from the wider community as well as the faithful members from our own church family.

To date, over £28,000 has been donated to the Regeneration Project as a result of our on-going appeal. This has been a super start towards our target of £90,000. Grateful thanks to all who gave so generously - it is much appreciated. The fund-raising group have organised a fashion show to be held on 20th April in Kilrymont School at 7pm. This promises to be an enjoyable night out and a chance to try on and purchase some new items for summer. We look forward to welcome you to various other events in the pipeline to be held later in the spring/summer, so please look out for further details of these.

Once again, I am very grateful for your continued support. We can, at long last, see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Carol Petrie

Your December Issue of Kirk Notes was delivered along with an envelope containing several green sheets of paper outlining the WHAT, COST, SECURED FUNDING, SHORTFALL AND HOW YOU COULD HELP to lessen that shortfall anticipated by the Regeneration Team!

Donations were received within one week of Kirk Notes being distributed and, apart from the Christmas and New Year fortnight, have continued to be received regularly. Carol has mentioned the sum of over £28,000 in her update which was written three days ago. The total has now reached a magnificent £32,500 donated over less than three months.

Members celebrating birthdays have asked family and friends to donate to the Restoration Project in lieu of presents; others have had retiring collections for the Project after funerals of their loved ones; proceeds from craft stalls at Fairs, marmalade making as well as the individual donations.

Many thanks to those who have responded to the Appeal all of whom have contributed to the lessening of the shortfall. Your willing and generous response is very much appreciated.

Sheana Duncan

PS The Appeal is still on-going for anyone wishing to make a donation. Further details from Sheana Duncan, tel: 01334 87027


Parish Register

"Let the children come to me"


2 October - Leanne Marie Reid, Kingswood, Bristol (Adult)

2 October - Betsy Kathryn Elinor Reid, Kingswood, Bristol

11 December - Elizabeth Luna Jackson, Guardbridge

"Therefore, what God has joined together, let no one separate"


10 September - Miss Kiera MacDonald, Inverness, to Piper Karl Lynch, Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, Leuchars
(Married by Padre D Connolly CF)

3 November - Miss Mary Cameron, Guardbridge, to Mr Christopher Mackintosh, Sunninghill, Berkshire

"There is nothing in life or death that can separate us from the love of God"


26 September - Mr Robert (Bobby) Johnston, Leuchars

27 October - Mrs Mary Bendall, Leuchars

12 December - Rev Alan J Roy, Drumoig


11 January - Mr Ian Rose, St Michaels

19 January - Mr Michael (Mike) Maguire, Balmullo

23 January - Mrs Margaret Auchterlonie, Balmullo

9 February - Mr Ian Gray, Balmullo

17 February - Mrs Roma Roy, Drumoig