Leuchars St Athernase

Stone Carving

Clearly there have been numerous alterations to St Athernase over the centuries and some features are no longer in existence. There are, however, some interesting things to look out for:

  • the faint outline of the only remaining dedication cross - a St Andrews' cross within a circle - on the left hand side of the wall to the apse near a more deeply incised cross and graffiti
  • masons' marks - chancel and apse (also found at Dalmeny and Dunfermline, showing that a team of craftsmen probably travelled north from Durham Cathedral
  • some original carving - in the arch of the apse (the arch between chancel and nave, and the heads (corbels) in the apse have been much restored)
  • more original carving - outside, especially on the north side the line of the original Norman pointed roof - this can be seen on close scrutiny from outside
  • the gravestones

You will find several tombstones of interest in the graveyard. Some have suffered the ravages of time and weather, but careful inspection will reveal craft symbols, death symbols such as skulls, crossbones and sand-timers, as well as periods when, for whatever reason, many deaths occurred within a short space of time.